About us


Euromobility is a non profit organisation established to develop and promote the figure of the mobility manager within private companies and public administrations. Euromobility’s mission is to “create and spread a culture on sustainable mobility throughout the country. Encourage people and organisations to use eco-compatible transport modes and to act more responsibly in order to generate a better quality of life”.

Since 2011 Euromobility has been designated by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea as National Focal Point for Italy in EPOMM.


The Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea has joined EPOMM (European Platform on Mobility Management), the nonprofit organization based in Brussels, composed of European national governments involved in the promotion and development of sustainable mobility and Mobility Management. Euromobility was designated by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea as National Focal Point for Italy.


For over ten years Euromobility has been participating in the design and implementation of projects financed within the EU, both as a partner and as a subcontractor.
The association is currently partner of the Traffic Snake Game Network. The main projects in which Euromobility participated also include DoTheRightMix, ENDURANCE, EPOMM-PLUS, Project MOST and EMMA.

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The National Conference on Mobility Management and Sustainable Mobility has been for eighteen years an important moment of reflection for the main national stakeholders involved in the processes of urban mobility management in Italy. MobyDixit puts at the center of its proposal the European vision on Mobility Management, trying to combine it with national experiences in both education and business.